The State forces had their garrison at the old Cantonment area adjacent to the present Legislative Assembly complex. Consequent to the shifting of the garrison from Cantonment to Pangode in 1935, the State Forces felt the need of establishing a place of worship for their troops at the new Cantonment area and a Temple was established at Pangode. There are five main idols – Lord Hanuman Swamy, Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganapathy and Nagaraja in the temple complex Of these the history of Lord Siva traces back to a period of 175 years. In one of the annual exercises around 1836 of the Nair Brigade at Aaruvaamozhi (Aramboli, presently in Kanyakumari district) they found an idol of Lord Siva under a peepul tree. The troops used to worship this idol whenever they were on duty there. By 1840 AD, they took this idol to the garrison at Cantonment. In 1940 this idol of Lord Siva was shifted to Pangode by the side of the then idol of Lord Vishnu, which was installed around a decade earlier. Astrological predictions and local people had opposed in shifting the idol of Lord Hanuman Swamy from the Cantonment to Pangode. Therefore the State Forces kept a picture of Lord Hanumanswamy at Pangode having similar features as that of Cantonment by the side of the Lord Siva idol. Later an idol of Lord Hanuman Swamy worshipped at the Fort Area by the troops of Nair Brigade was brought to Pangode and installed. In the south western side of Pangode military area, there was an ancient idol of Lord Krishna which was in a state of neglect. Since this idol had some damages it was removed and immersed in the sea in 1986 as per the thanthric advice after transferring the powers to the idol of Lord Vishnu. In 1988 the idol of Lord Ganapathy and Nagaas were also installed besides changing the peetham of Lord Siva.

After the establishment of War Memorial adjacent to Sree Hanuman Swamy Temple complex, the Lord expressed through a Deva Prasna to shift the idols to a suitable place. The original Hanuman Swamy Temple located just outside the main gate of the HQ 91 Infantry Brigade location was shifted to its present location on 10 Jul 2011 ie. close to Station Work Shop EME facing the Thirumala-PTP Nagar road. The address of the Sree Hanuman Swamy Temple is :-

Sree Hanuman Swamy Temple

Thirumala P.O
Tele No : 0471-2352197

Temple Timing.

Morning - 05.00 AM to 10.45 AM
Daily (except Thursday)
Thursday - 05.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Evening - 05.00 pM to 08.30 PM


Punahprathishta Anniversary Festival

Punahprathishta Anniversary Festival is to be celebrated every year Jun-Jul (Midhunam-Chothi).


Sahasrakalasa pooja is to be celebrated every year Jul-Aug (Karkkidakam-Navami) and (Karkkidakam-Deshami).


Leksharchana is to be celebrated every year Jul-Aug (Karkkidakam-Navami) and (Karkkidakam-Deshami).

Hanuman Jayanthi Festival

Hanuman Jayanthi Festival is to be celebrated every year Dec-Jan (Dhanu-Moolam).

Other Special Poojas of the Temple

Special poojas for other deities are as follows:-

(a) Mahashivarathiri - Feb-Mar
(b) Sree rama Navami - Apr-May
(c) Vishu Kani - Apr
(d) Sree Vinayaka chathurthi - Aug-Sep
(e) Sree Krishna Jayanthi - Aug-Sep
(f) Mahanavami - Sep-Oct
(g) Ayilya chirappu - Oct-Nov
(h) Thrikarthika - Dec-Jan