Pazhavangadi Mahaganapathy temple owns and iPRARTHANA PVT LTD operates this Website (" [https ://] " ). This document governs the refund policy wrt the devotees ( Users) booking offerings through this website / mobile app (Platform). A possible Refund happens to the user when a technical glitch happens due to network or server issues and the payment is done by user but not correctly detected by our gateway / collection agency and hence a receipt of the offering is not created. However, while reconciling this may be detected. If we are able to get the details of the user based on whatever information we have we will proceed with the order, create receipt and send to the user. If we don't have any details, we will proceed with refund through the collection agency. There is no cancellation of offerings possible once booked and hence there is no refund upon cancellation of an order.